Probability, Gay Pride, a Conservative Catholic Mom, Daughter Bonding & Painted Toes

So my youngest daughter said, “Dad, you always talk about bonding with us, so let’s bond. I’ll paint your nails, unless you don’t really want to spend quality time with me.” 😳

Now what self respecting dad is going to say no to that, so five minutes later I had pink toenails and bonding time was over. 😭😂😭

Thursday, I went with my 84-year-old extremely conservative catholic mom to Michael’s, when my mom saw all these nice rainbow-decorated and colored hats.

“Kevin, these are nice hats. I’m going to get you one.” First she grabbed one with a rainbow 🌈, and then she decided she liked the rainbow tie-dyed one better, so now I’m proudly sporting pink toenails and a rainbow-colored hat in fervent, if somewhat accidental, support of #gaypride2021. 🤗😃

Even better for my ego, I think a guy just hit on me as I got off the train to visit my brother in San Diego. 👍🏽😃😂

At the end of the day, everyone should be able to love whomever ever they like, and I’m absolutely proud to support that! 👏👏👏

While the point of this story is mostly to make you laugh & support human rights, it also highlights how often much of our lives are determined by a series of random events that when strung together can either lead to great joy or disaster.

Despite our desire for control, the reality is that in spite of all of our planning, our paths on projects, careers and life will oftentimes be determined by a combination of improbable events that couldn’t be imagined at the beginning of the journey.

I met the ❤️ of my life in San Diego because my buddy went to a bar in Cusco and met his wife-to-be while we cycled through South America 6 years prior. My dad went to UCLA & met my mom because la Migra tried deporting him while he worked pipeline next to the campus.

At the same time the Swiss Cheese model of accident causation posits that disasters happen when all of the holes in each defensive layer align enabling the problem to pierce the defenses, so while the probability of all the holes in a block of 🧀 cheese lining up is low, the probability skyrockets given enough blocks of🧀.

The same is true for success. No matter how improbable, try enough times and no matter how low the probability of each individual try succeeding, the overall probability of success will rise dramatically.

For more details, here’s link to article with explaining the math behind luck.

The bottom line is randomness determines so much of our lives that instead of being surprised by unexpected outcomes, we should expect them – and we should also avoid assigning too much blame or admiration to those who either surf luck to the top or get dragged down by it.

So to sum up, ❤️ everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc., and embrace the role randomness plays in our lives and projects.