Beyond News

I love journalism. I used to be a beat reporter in Santa Ana, California for the Orange County Register––I loved the ability to tell stories and occasionally make a difference in people’s lives.

However, if news organizations are going to continue to support serious journalism, they need to reinvent themselves to stay competitive and profitable in the Internet era. Or as I wrote in a posting back in 2001.

“Newspapers are perfectly positioned to become the source for local readers trying to make sense of their world. They have the brand, community relationships, etc. but until they redefine their role from being a newspaper reporting primarily about the past into a community information provider that helps readers make sense of the past while providing readers tools to make decisions for the future – newspapers will continue to decline in importance and their online and offline units will continue to struggle.”

Ultimately, I’d love to help lead a news organization’s transformation from being primarily a storytelling organization into a software/solutions organization combines storytelling with interactive capabilities that connect people with each other, their governments, local businesses and community organizations.

2 responses to “Beyond News

  1. Hi Kevin! Can I see some of your work? I’ve been experimenting with New Media and am curious to see your work.

  2. Kevin, I absolutely support your efforts in reinventing newspapers for the 21st century. Web 2.0 has happened so fast and it will just be a shame that newspapers don’t take a new stand or model of change to accommodate the news of the web 2.0 world culture that will continue to use technology in such an integrated way to live their lives interconnected. It is interesting times and challenging times for the media at the same time. I will follow your postings.

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