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Rightsize Packaging to Eliminate Tens/Hundreds of Millions of Tons of C02 Annually

Today, poor packaging practices result in the average box being 20-40+% bigger than required. Adopting existing technologies and packaging best practices could avoid over a billion tons of emissions over the next decade, and potentially much, much more, while reducing supply chain snarls at sea, in ports, in the skies and roadways by reducing the…More

Integrating Social Responsibility into Product Development: Recommendations on why it’s important and how to get started

© 2021 Kevin Mireles It’s time to add socially responsible to the current product-development trifecta of desirable, feasible and viable.  It’s no longer enough to focus on building products that are desirable for customers, feasible to build, and viable for our organizations. We need products that are socially responsible as well.  In a world facing…More