As a bilingual undercover Chicano, former reporter/editor turned product manager this blog is devoted to exploring my passions for:

  1. Launching new products & companies: I love developing and marketing new products and companies, including two years working round the clock trying to transform a sickly startup into a world class sprinter. While I managed to get the patient off the deathbed, it needed a cash and CEO infusion to seriously compete, so instead of retiring rich I’ve traded the startup life for a steady paycheck with a ginormous global corporation.
  2. Transforming news organizations into civic intelligence and engagement platforms for their audiences: I love journalism and even though I stopped officially being a reporter many years ago, it’s still my first passion. It drives me nuts to see news organizations still stuck in the 20th century and failing to meet our country’s needs. My dream is to help news organizations move from just writing about issues to providing tools that empower their audiences to solve problems.
  3. Big Data stuff:  I love the stories behind the numbers and how we transform qualitative concepts into “numerical facts” displayed in a visualization as if it were the truth, when it’s just a refined Rorschach chart. And since I’m leading FedEx’s customer-facing reporting globally, I love geeking out about data-related tech too!
  4. Bridging the cultural and technology divide: As the son of a civil-rights activist and undercover Chicano/Argentine mutt who has worked and lived in the ‘hood and the burbs and now the South, it’s my duty to help make/keep America great by encouraging cultural and economic inclusion.
  5. Writing & storytelling: Most of all, I love writing  and making stuff up – and this blog is a chance for me to do that.



Kevin J. Mireles

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